Yoga to the Face!

“Get Cheeky”. “Surprise Me”. “The Scooping”.

Nope, those aren’t titles of poorly produced, straight-to-VHS porn videos. They are actually the names of yoga positions. And you can forget about “Downward Facing Dog” because this has nothing to do with traditional yoga. What’s with all these names, by the way? I am starting to think that there is an untapped market of yoga porn videos– I digress. I am talking about facial yoga!

What if I told you that you could save thousands on Botox in the long run, if you took some time now to do facial yoga? You face has muscles just like the rest of your body and exercising them helps to tighten, tone and, in the end, keep it looking young and fresh.

A few months ago I stumbled onto an article on the benefits of this practice and I have been hooked. I mean, who doesn’t like making funny faces in an effort to make your face less funny-looking once gravity starts working against you? I don’t really feel much at the moment, but I will report back in 30 years and tell you how it’s going.

Here are some helpful videos, courtesy of, to get you started and looking fabulous. I dare you to watch these and NOT laugh!

Do we have any other facial yogis on The Sobremesa? Tell us in the comments!


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