What to do when you don’t have Internet


Oh, the woes of moving into a new apartment. So, as the title suggests, I AM without internet, which means that, for the time being, I have been slipping into cyber cafes, libraries and high school media centers to get some Sobremesa posts to you! Yeah, yeah, I aim to please. While I wait for my internet to be installed, which [nameless internet company] has promised should be within the next decade, I have discovered the many things you can do WITHOUT internet. Who knew that life existed for the general population before you heard that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan got mail?

Here are a few examples of things Tom and Meg may have done before they had AOL!

1. Organize your apartment

2. Read a book

3. Do Laundry

4. Watch your extensive DVD (or VHS for Tom and Meg) collection

5. Exercise

6. Learn a new craft (quilting, nunchucks, etc.)

7. Become a pro at Minesweeper


You can also read this handy dandy article by Wiki How, titled, How to have fun on a computer without using the internet! Look, I am already having fun! For the love of all things holy, leave a comment that I can entertain myself with below. Warning: I will get back to you in the next decade.

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