Travel Must-Haves

Traveling can be stressful. Here’s a quick guide to make your journey easier!

Travel Must-Haves
French Sole Ballet Flats
So comfortable and easy to slip on and off at the airport!
Diane Von Furstenberg Print Luggage
A luggage with spinning wheels is a must. I make moving your luggage from one end to another  a complete breeze.
Lolo Luggage Tag
A bright luggage will help you find yours in the sea of black bags. Personally, I love the thunderbolt on this one.
Kate Spade Passport Case
Keep your passport safe and clean with this passport case. Be sure to get it in a bright color to find it easily within your carryon!
Michael Kors Pouch
A big pouch is great for carrying on essentials like hotel information, directions, and confirmations.
Deux Lux Zipper Bag
A big carryon. Self explanatory.
Airplanes are COLD. Bundle up in the cashmere wrap!
Karen Walker Sunglasses
Sunnies – gotta keep it chic!
Personalized World Travel Journal
A travel journal to keep memories alive!
Nikon D5100 Digital SLR
A great quality camera to document your journey!
Samsung Galaxy Tab
A tablet, iPad, or Kindle will greatly relieve boredom whilst on the plane.
You know those screaming three year olds one row back? You won’t even hear them with these noise-cancelling headphones!
Let us know your number one travel must-have in the comments!
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