Time Saving Tips for Packing Lunch

pack lunchIt seems I am obsessed with saving time in the morning. I am CLEARLY not a morning person. I would ideally open my eyes and have one foot out the door already. Unfortunately, we live in a world where every tick of the clock is one less second you have.

Packing lunch, whether it’s for your kids’ school or for yourself, can seem really time consuming. What should I eat today? What should I pack it in? What sides go well with it? Jeez, it sounds a lot like picking out an outfit.

Scroll down and read The Sobremesa’s 5 tips to packing your lunch in style in a jiffy!


muffin tin soup1. Cook + Freeze

What seems like the most time consuming activity of all actually saves you a lot of time in the end. Instead of spending time cutting out lunch portions in the morning, when you are already 15 minutes late and you  have the dog barking for food or your boyfriend begging for some breakfast, take the same amount of time to get it ready the Sunday before. Make a soup and freeze it in a muffin tin for single servings. Gonna make sandwiches? Pre-wash your lettuce and cut your tomatoes so those BLTs assemble ASAP!


2. The Night Before

If you thought Sunday was important for prepping your meals for the week, just you wait. The night before is your time to take 5 minutes to store any leftovers into lunch-size portions. If you are someone like me who thrives on leftovers, the “night before” is the ideal time to prepare your lunch for the next day.


fridge snack3. The “Ready to Go” Section

I once read a great article on The Idea Room about having healthy snacks on hand and ready to eat so that kids don’t get into bad eating habits. Create a section in your fridge that is specifically for ready-to-eat treats. Cut carrots, celery and peppers and separate into small plastic bags. Do the same with grapes and crackers or hummus and chips! That way you can grab, bag and go!


4. Go-To Grocery List

Think about your favorite snack. Is it that cherry-flavored Jello? Is it string cheese? How about hummus and carrots? Now think about those times when you open your fridge and it you’ve run out. Think about how long it takes you to figure out what to eat next. Think about what you usually end up eating. Chips? Chocolate? Usually it’s unhealthy and usually it takes a few minutes to finally decide on something to replace your beloved treat. That all stops at the grocery store! Figure out your favorite snacks or meals, even, like that Campbell’s Selects Chicken Tortilla Soup! Once you know what you always like, you always know what to look for while shopping. And that will save you minutes of guessing what to pack!


instagram5. Instagram

As I type this, I can’t help but laugh! But, think about it. How many times do you photograph a delicious meal you have at a restaurant. It has become a ridiculous obsession, but you can put it to good use. Anytime you pack lunch in the morning, or have a particularly delish meal that you prepared, snap a picture of it. That way, when you are suffering from that “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” syndrome a la kitchen, you can just grab your phone and quite literally pick a lunch!


What are your MUST HAVE lunchtime snacks? Tell us in the comments section below.

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