Summer Touches for Your Home

step2 pallet

The unofficial start of Summer is approaching. Once I sat in on my last class in college, took my final final exam and no was longer able to wait for the countdown of the clock to mark the beginning of summer, Memorial Day became my new marker for the commencement of Summer. As soon as the clock strikes Memorial Day, I feel a little like this:

summer vacation

Here is a quick DIY Pallet Chevron Flag project brought to you by the ever awesome “Sisters of the Wild West” to celebrate Memorial Day and give your home that summer feel it so desires.

step1 pallet

What’s great about pallets is that they are free; so all you will need to buy is red, white and blue paint and painting tape (like Frog Tape) if you want to stay within the lines. You can complete this project in a few easy steps.


pallet31.Take apart a pallet and screw four board together to create your canvas

2. Use a pencil to trace the chevron pattern for the stripes part

3. Don’t forget to trace the square and stars on the top right corner

4. Paint in red, white and blue (muted colors will give it that dusty, worn-out feel)

5. Let dry, hang up and celebrate the arrival of summer.


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