Stunning Star Trek Style

To promote the release of the next chapter in the J.J. Abram’s Star Trek Saga, we were invited by NBC to put together a DIY segment to help all the Trekkies in this galaxy and beyond prepare for the release of Star Trek Into Darkness!

What better way to celebrate your love for all things Vulcan and to tell the world, “Trek yourself before you wreck yourself” than by celebrating the film’s release this Thursday in full costume. While perusing the interwebs, we came across this amazing blog, aptly called Set To Stunning, that provided a step-by-step guide to creating a starfleet badge. So, sharing it here was the logical choice.

starfleet badge craft


While Lindz and Scruffy, authors of Set to Stunning, went the bling-y way to create a fantastic badge, Chelle and I took the Klingon (aka simpler) route and found glitter foam that we hot glue gunned to pins and barrettes. With that we were able to create badges for a costume for those die-hard fans, and themed headbands and hair clips for those who still want to represent the S.S. Enterprise.

DIY In 5 Simple Steps:

1. Print out the Starfleet Badge printable: Insignia Printable

2. Use the printable to cut out insignia shapes on your silver glitter foam (or paper)

3. Cut out an oval shape in your gold glitter glitter foam (or paper)

4. Glue the two foam pieces together with a glue gun, or regular glue if using paper products

5. Use a glue gun to glue your insignia to a barrette for a hairpiece or to a pin that can attach to a headband or a costume.

Let us know what other simple costumes you would like to see on The Sobremesa. Leave a comment below!




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