Simple Sunday Supper

Of all the nights of the week, Sunday is the one night where we all wind down and get together with family and friends during Sunday Supper. Dinner has always been a big deal at my house. When I was younger, our entire family would wait for every member to be home before we sat down to dinner. And while our schedules have gotten more hectic and, at times, not all of us are together, we still make it a point to not let anyone have dinner alone.

The point of Sunday Supper is really to come together with friends and family and talk. We share the highs and lows of the previous week and talk about the things to come. Sunday Supper what leads to “sobremesa”, so I especially love that!

Preparing Sunday supper is all about pulling out all the stops. A feel good meal paired with some really good wine (no good meal is complete without good wine) and topped off with a delicious dessert. But just because your menu is growing course by course, doesn’t mean you have to slave away at the kitchen! After all, the purpose of Sunday Supper is to spend time with your loved ones.

Below, find my menu for a Simple Sunday Supper that will leave your mouths watering and your time focused on the fam. What is your family’s FAVORITE shared meal?


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