Shopthrifter: Oscar De La Renta

There are two things you should know about me:

1. I love Oscar de la Renta

2. I LOVE Oscar de la Renta

But until the day I am rolling in dough, I can only afford to look at his beautiful pieces. What’s funny is that 9 times out of 10, when I see a dress in a magazine that I absolutely adore, it is an Oscar de la Renta (woe is me)! When I received my latest issue of In Style, I saw Selena Gomez’s dress on the cover and IMMEDIATELY turned to the credits.


I knew it was going to be an Oscar de la Renta masterpiece– I was right! I searched for the dress online and it was just $6,700! So, I immediately called Daddy Warbucks, Donald Trump and Oprah and asked them to get it for me. I would keep whichever came first. Yeah, just kidding! That’s more like the wet dream I had as soon as I saw this image on the runway.

But don’t fret all you lovers of la Renta, I found some pretty great look-a-likes for a fraction of a fraction of the cost. Take a look below.


If you like the LONG Oscar de la Renta dress…


Oscar de la Renta, $6,790



Free People, $98 – Click to Purchase

If you like the SHORT Oscar de la Renta dress…

ODLR Short

Oscar de la Renta, $3,690

ODLRShort Cheap


Who wants to buy me any of these Oscar de la Renta dresses? First person to comment gets that honor! Thanks in advance.

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