Shopthrifter: Anthropologie Bookends

One of my best friends, Katrina, is OBSESSED with Anthropologie! I rarely walk into their store because of how ridiculously expensive they are, but the other day I found myself meandering along their website in search of a cool bookend. I found this fantastic bookend that looks like steampunk magic meets Joe’s Car Shop! I then mistakenly glanced down at the price and almost blew a gasket.

How can any store justify $228 for a simple bookend. One of my favorite bookends to date is a set of Lord of the Rings Argonath statues that came with my purchase of the “Two Towers” extended edition. I digress. I KNEW I could find an exact or very similar piece to the bookend at Anthropologie for a fraction of the cost. And I DID… for $56!

Scroll down to see both bookends and YOU tell me if they don’t look immensely alike! Which one would YOU pick?

Anthropologie Industrial Gears Bookends, $228


Toscano Design Industrial Gears Iron Bookends, $56

Toscano Bookend


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