YouTube Beauty Channels You Should Be Watching

It’s very rare for me to recommend a YouTube channel and even more rare for me to recommend a YouTube beauty channel. That’s how you know that what I’m recommending is not just good, but AWESOME. First up, is DiamondsandHeels14. I am literally in awe of how well this girl does makeup. I could go on and on, but, seriously, you’ve got to watch this:

Amazing, huh?

The next one that I’m obsessed with is Ingrid Nilsen’s MissGlamorazzi channel. She gives great reviews of products and is constantly on the hunt for great new stuff! Check her out below:

LOVE her! She’s so bubbly and I wish I could meet her in real¬† life!

Lastly, I ADORE Lisa Eldridge. Let me say that again, ADORE. She’s done the makeup for some pretty major celebs, which you can check out here. Anyhow, Lisa has tons of makeup videos ranging from everyday looks to party looks. Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite beauty channel? Leave us a comment below!

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