Remove Polish with ONE Cotton Ball


There are so many things I love about playing with nail polish (as you can tell by my DIY Disney Nails Tutorial). I can spend hours on Pinterest searching for a cool new nail design to try. I can’t pretend that I am amazing, but what I am downright terrible at is TAKING OFF my nail polish.

You see, I LOVE bright colors. And, typically, when I mix a cotton ball soaked in polish remover with colorful nails, it usually ends up looking like this…

Icky Nails

I knew there had to be an easier way to remove nail polish, and it turns out there is. A few months ago, I stumbled onto Gingerbreadmanne, where I learned that you can remove nail polish from two hands with just ONE cotton ball (and much less acetone). Just follow these five easy steps, and check out the tutorial in detail on Gingerbreadmanne!

Nail Remover

1. Break apart a cotton ball into small pieces the size of your nails

2. Fill your nail polish remover bottle cap with polish remover.

3. Dip the TIP of each cotton strip into the polish remover (you don’t need to dip it too much because the cotton strip will quickly soak up the remover).

4. Place the strips on each of your nails and leave them, untouched, for about a minute.

5. Carefully rub the cotton strips as you remove them.

VOILA! We would love to hear any nail polish ideas you have. Share them in the comments below or on!

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