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Magazines are no longer the only source for awesome fashion finds. The Sartorialist made a career of taking inspiration from street style and allowing it to influence future fashion trends. Go to blog sites like The Man Repeller, who speaks about the art of being fashionable while repelling the opposite sex; or a Pair & a Spare, who sprinkles in DIY projects among her worldly fashion reporting.

Enter Pinterest, where you can compile any number of awesome fashion finds and sartorial inspiration. Here are a few must-follow Pinterest accounts if you love all that is fashionable. I feel like I am missing a bunch of other amazing Pinners– can you think of any others?


EMILY SCHUMAN (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Emily is the author of the blog and book titled Cupcakes and Cashmere- “a design guide for defining your style, reinventing your space and entertaining with ease”.  Boards like her “Well Fashioned” one point to how simple and carefree one can be when putting together great outfits.



Not only does Nina act as Creative Director for Marie Claire magazine and take the spot as the ultimate badass on Project Runway, she has this delicious Pinterest account that is trend-focused and on point overall. I particularly like her more personal boards.



InStyle is the end all be all of fashion expression and reporting for me. That might make me too mainstream and not hipster enough or part of the fashionably elite (so says Quinn Morgendorfer, VP of the Fashion Club), but I love the attainability of almost every single one of their pages. They bring fashion down to those who read fashion and have a desire to purchase WITHOUT having to take out a second mortgage. Their Pinterest board exudes this attainability as fashion seems to be broken down into bite size bits. I really appreciate their “Look of the Day” board– you can honestly create an outfit each day based on just that.



Warby Parker, the philanthropic and talented creators of boutique-style prescription glasses, has a Pinterest account with boards as unique as each of their lenses. I love their incorporation of the WP aesthetic into non-prescription related images and particularly appreciate their board focused on bookshelves.



There is so much I love about Simone Oliver, Online Fashion Editor at The New York Times. There is almost a flawlessness to her quirky style, an aesthetic that transcends to her Pinterest board. On there you can find experience anything from an overload of neon to boards simply about foods she wants to try. I really appreciate how personal her boards seem to be. Each of them reads “Simone”.



I stumbled upon the Style Me Pretty site a few years ago and was immediately hooked. This is the epitome of unique wedding blogs (each post is completely different from the rest). And their Pinterest boards are no different. Scroll through the various titles and see what I mean. From “Wedding Whimsy” to “Wedding Signage” from grooms’ “First Looks” to “Veils”, what I love most is that their boards are just as varied and beautiful as their respective site.



From the second Olivia Palermo stepped on the screen on The City, she stole my heart with her overwhelming sense of bitch and bad-assery (yes, that’s a word). She serves you self-serving with a side of class! I could expect no less from her Pinterest board. There is something etherial about the way Olivia can make any outfit seem casual chic and, if I may, flawless. From posts about her style, where she’s been photographed and the places she has traveled, if you want your fill of OP, you’ve come to the right place.



You know when you buy a purse (or a dress) just before it begins to trend and, years later, when that trend is all but gone, you are still wearing the dress; and you will never, for the life of you, figure out what it is that still attracts you to the dress after so long, but you love it so much? No? Oh well! That’s how I feel about KS. I have never really been able to put my finger on what exactly I love about Kate Spade. Self described as “quick and curious and playful and strong”, this blog has a whimsical and very focused take on what one can do with Pinterest boards. They’ve taken the theme of living “colorfully” and followed it through to all the pinterest boards — “travel colorfully”, “think colorfully”, “celebrate colorfully”.


RefineryREFINERY 29

“A flood of visual inspiration” is what Refinery29′s Pinterest describes itself as. I would have to agree. Of all the Pinterest boards I have perused in my time on the site, Refinery29′s boards seem to be the most personal. It honestly feels as though their boards are put together for the sake of creating great boards to come back to later– no agenda being pushed, no pretentiousness. It is a take off your shoes and relax sort of environment!



Contributing Editor at Vogue Magazine and co-founder of, Lauren Santo Domingo definitely knows what she is doing. With over 250,000 followers and over 6,000 pins, LSD provides daily doses of fashion wisdom. You don’t even have to click into any board to experience how ecclectic her Pin-spiratons are. In true Patty fashion, she has dedicated a board for each room in a house (and one for the library!!!!!).


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