Weekender: St. Augustine Trip

I am taking a long weekend to visit the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, with a few friends. I must say that I am normally beyond meticulous about picking out wardrobe for trips. I am known to make outfit itineraries– listen, I just want to be prepared. But, I will give myself props this time, because I was able to put together a cohesive and limited wardrobe without having to spend hours on what I will wear on Saturday night to visit the local jazz club.

Let me know if you think I made some wise wardrobe decisions.





OUTFITS: Turquoise Ombre Dress, Purple Jeans, Purple Print Shirt, Floral Ombre Shirt (TJ Maxx), Blue Polka Dot Dress (Acqua Fashion Group Boutique), Sea Foam Jeans (Zara), Bright Multi-Pattern Shirt (H&M), Green and Grey Polka Dot Shirt (JC Penney) SHOES: Mustard Sandals (Steve Madden), Beige Flats (Nine West), Black Wedges (Boutique) JEWELRY: Colorful Owl Necklace (TJ Maxx), the rest are hand me downs, gifts from abroad or pieces from boutiques.

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