100 Snacks Under 100

There are less than 100 days until Summer… 84 days to be exact! And that means one thing: we must all begin the grueling task of losing all the pounds we put on beneath that winter gear. Listen, no one is judging! If squirrels can store nuts in their trees to get them through winter, why can’t we store Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in our stomachs?

My sister always says that you should find a balance in your dieting so you don’t go insane. Eat well 23 hours of the day so that when they put that Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake in front of you, won’t feel so bad about licking that plate clean. But for those in between cravings, we can all use a go to guide for low-cal snacks!

Whether your sweet tooth drives your cravings or your love for things salty makes you munch, The Sobremesa has you covered on the top 100 sweet and savory cheats to get you through every stomach gurgle, mouth water and insatiable craving. That way you can come out on top come day one of Summer 2013 (June 20).

Here are 200 Snacks under 100 calories, courtesy of the Ladies’ Home Journal. Those ladies know what they are talking about!

Or how about 88 Unexpected Snacks under 100 calories, by Greatist!

What must-have snacks do you much on to get you throught those dark diet days?


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