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You wake up with a jolt and immediately get the feeling that you’re late! You look at your alarm and, sure enough, you have 10 minutes before you have to be out the door. You toss off your covers, jump out of bed, throw open the doors of your closet as panic settles in: “What the hell am I supposed to wear?”

I’m not sure if too many snoozes or being Hispanic has made me an expert at getting ready in a flash. I’ve almost perfected that close-door, open-door outfit change you only see in the movies. But you don’t need to be an expert to get ready quickly. With just five pointers you can be ready and out of the house in less than 15 minutes.



1. Clothing: Pick one item and revolve your outfit around it.

Whether it is a pair of shoes or a chunky necklace that will keep the attention away from your hair-don’t, the quickest way to begin putting yourself together is simpler than you think. Focus on one item and match everything with it. Take that pair of red polka-dot galoshes and match it with jeans, a white tee and a blazer. Top it off with some simple accessories and you are out the door in less time than it takes to pack your lunch bag. Is your work setting more professional? In my opinion, that is a plus since you can pull off a put-together look with a basic pencil skirt and a colorful top.



2. Jewelry : Basic or Complex, just don’t complicate yourself.

My take on jewelry is “Simple is better”. Don’t take too much time focusing on those little accents. Just find simple items that will complement what you are wearing. My go to items are studs and a basic chain necklace. My friend, Katrina’s go to items are her favorite pearl earrings! Easy peasy! Note: My sister has a different take on the jewelry business. She thinks that a chunky necklace or a pair of bedazzled bracelets will take the attention away from a bad hair day or look that isn’t all that put together. I think that is definitely worth mentioning!


outfit33. Hair: Work with your hair. 

This seems like such obvious advice! Of course you would work with your hair. But what would you do if it was really frizzy or oily and flat? I bet you’d immediately start trying to fix it. Don’t! If you’ve only got minutes to spare, you have to make do. Is your hair really oily? That is PERFECT for a ballerina bun. Just pull your hair up tight and roll it into a bun! Frizzy hair is the ideal canvas for a messy side bun or a chunky braid. Here are some “no-fail” hairstyles for those bad hair days.



4. Makeup: MLB– this has nothing to do with baseball!

Mascara, Lips and Blush. Back in the day, when I attended a private middle school and makeup was not allowed, the girls did their best to look their best with the least amount of noticeable makeup. That’s where MLB was born. Mascara takes on the job of an eyeliner as well and, in my opinion, is the most important step in making your face ready for the public. If your complexion is in need of some cover up, add some blush! Finally add some color to those lips and you are ready to walk out the door (almost). You might argue that lipstick does the job of both it and blush, but oily skin begs to differ.



5. A splash of perfume ties everything together.

I have to admit that I am a perpetual culprit of forgetting to put on perfume! But I am the first to admit that just a splash of is all you need to make you street ready. People smell it and t
They totally do! So before you rush out of your house, make sure you splash yourself with a little Gucci Rush!hink “this person is ready for the world”, before they even see you.



BONUS TIP: Social media to the rescue.

One of the best styling tips I ever got for those times you can’t decide on what to wear (or, in this case, you have little time to decide what to wear) is to take to your Facebook or Instagram. Look at old outfits you have put together and you can copy-cat your way into the perfect outfit before you even finish reading this article.


What last-minute styling rules do you swear by? Am I doing this all wrong or all right?

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    2. This was a really great post with helpful tips. I need this in my life seeing as how I always sleep in and usually end up wearing the clothes I left on my floor the night before. Ha ha.

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