J.Crew, How I Love You. Why Must You Be So Expensive?

Like many of you, I am obsessed with J.Crew. And like many of you, I find it insanely over-priced.

Seriously, I’m not paying over $100 on a piece of fashion jewelry.

That being said, I’m all for jewelry that looks like J.Crew for a fraction of the cost.

For months, I have been crushing, crushing hard, on the classic pave link bracelet. It’s perfect. Just look at it.


Gorgeous, I know, but I’m not paying $125 plus tax for it. ENTER GROOPDEALZ. GroopDealz is an online boutique group coupon shop and occasionally they have items that are exactly like J.Crew. See below.


Honestly, where’s the difference?

A little search found the bracelet for even less! $21.99 for the same bracelet on another boutique deals site, Very Jane. That’s a little more than a $100 difference! Amazing!

Another great source that is often overlooked is eBay. It sounds kind of strange, but more often then not its just people reselling the jewelry or making very very close imitations. See below.


 eBay vs. J.Crew


With a little time on Google, J.Crew alternatives are readily available! How awesome is that?

Do you know where to get J.Crew/J.Crew lookalikes for less? Leave us a comment below!

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