How To: Make a DIY Star Trek Candy Bar

20130514_234611 As part of our Star Trek celebration, we wanted to come up with a cool way to host a themed Trek party. For days, we scoured the internet and let me tell you there are some pretty crafty people out there (homemade Lego USS Enterprise as a centerpiece, anyone?).

If you’re looking for a more lo-fi way of tying in your theme, one great way is to have a candy station. It really is as simple as buying candy and re-naming it to fit the theme. For example, we decided to call red gum balls – red matter. This is to tie in the 2009 Star Trek film where the Vulcan planet is destroyed by red matter. If you have fans of the TV series coming to your party, be sure to include some more obscure references like “Earl Grey. Hot” for Picard fans and Klingon Gagh.

Have guests who don’t drink? Or children coming over? No problem! All you have to do is buy red and blue punch and relabel them as Klingon Blood Wine and Romulan Ale with these great bottle labels from and J.Mitch Coppoletti.

We’ve also created these unique favor bags that guests can fill up with their favorite candy. Just buy gift bags in Star Trek colors – red, blue, and yellow (but be sure not to keep a red one for yourself! Red is the most unlucky Star Trek color!) – and add the Star Trek badge!

To ease this process, we’ve gone ahead and created a great¬†Insignia Printable (right-click and save) for you to download. You can also find out how to make these reusable badges right here!

Here’s a list of all you’ll need to create your very own Star Trek Candy Bar!

Candy Needed:

Milky Way

Pop Rocks

Red Gum Balls

Sugar Sticks

Gummy Worms


Other Grocery Store Items:

Earl Grey Tea

Hot Chocolate Packs

Cupcake Mix (We used Funfetti because what could be more fun than Star Trek?)

Whipped White Frosting

Blue Dye

Blue Sprinkles

Star Sprinkles

Miniature Punch Bottles (bright blue and red)

Mini Wine Bottles

Cellophane bags with ties

Card Stock – 4×5

Gold Sparkly Scrap-booking Paper

Tiered Serving Platter

Glass Hurricanes (or other platters that you may have in your home!)


Tent Cards You’ll Need:

Gas Clouds of Titan for the meringues (where the Enterprise hung out before boarding the Narada)

Lighting Storm for the Pop Rocks (what the USS Kelvin and USS Enterprise go after before being attacked by Rolumans)

Red Matter (what the Romulans used to destroy Vulcan)

Gagh (a Klingon delicacy)

Delta Vega Crystals (where Jim Kirk is marooned)

Earl Grey. Hot. (Jean Luc Picard’s favorite drink from the Star Trek TV series!)

Vulcan Mocha (a logical choice, of course! Vulcans would never drink anything as illogical as alcohol)

Klingon Blood Wine (another Klingon treat. Warning: not for the faint of heart!)

Romulan Ale (an illegal drink in the Federation as it is highly intoxicating, but delightful!)

Do you have an idea for our candy bar? Leave a comment below!




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