How to Create a Home Gym for Less Than $100

Do you feel like you never have time to go to the gym and even when you do, you just don’t have the will to do it? Going to the gym is an ordeal. You have to get dressed, you have to drive to your gym, find parking, sign in, find a locker…before you know it half and hour has passed and you haven’t even started working out. Personally, I never love nor hate going to the gym. I do, however, loathe driving to the gym. I’m one of these people that once I’m home from work, I’m home. I don’t like rushing home to change clothes only to then go back into traffic to make that 6pm pilates class. For years I did it, but now I no longer have the drive. Here’s my work-around: a home gym.

Home gyms are really convenient as you can work out in your living room, take a shower, and relax right after. No more trying to beat traffic, no more cursing out inefficient drivers, no more sweaty gym equipment (gross!). You do, however, need to purchase a few things for your workout.


$100 Workout


First things first, you need to go out and buy all of the above (a stability ball, kettlebells, a jump rope, a pilates mat with resistance bands, and, if you choose to, a fitness dvd). Pretty much one short stop over at Target will solve your fitness woes.There’s a reason you need all these things. Let’s start with the first.

1. Stability ball. It forces you to work your core harder than usual. Plain and simple. Add dumbbells and the intensity increases 5x.
2. Kettlebells. Nothing, I repeat nothing, will get your heart pumping harder than kettlebells. They literally forces you to work out your entire body, including your core. Ultimately, this is what you want. It’s going to kill you, but you’re gonna like it.
3. Jump rope. Don’t like running? I don’t blame you. Did you know that jumping rope for 10 minutes will help you burn 100 calories. Pretty awesome, huh?
4. Pilates mat with resistance bands. You can skip this one if you don’t like pilates. Resistance bands, however, are pretty crucial. You can work out your arms and your legs with these puppies.
5. Fitness DVD. There are literally thousands (if not millions!) of these DVDS. If you aren’t sure what kind of workouts to do, this is your golden ticket. Perhaps you work out at Bar Method? Did you know they have work out dvds that you can buy for $20? Much better than paying $175 a month! There are also a ton of great online resources for fitness workouts such as Netflix and YouTube and if you are a U-Verse subscriber, there’s a free fitness app!

Either way, this is a quick and easy way to work out from home and cut out some of the hassle of day-to-day life. Do you have a favorite home fitness solution? Leave us a comment!

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