Fashion Cash In: Selling Spring Cleaning

There is no better light at the end of the Spring Cleaning tunnel than knowing you can make a little extra cash with your trash. They do say that one person’s trash is another’s treasure! But where can you go and what can you do so that pile of newly cleared rubbish doesnt end up back at the corner of your room?

Scroll down to see my top 5 ideas as to where you can sell those dated skirts and tacky shirts. We would love to hear what other things you do with old articles of clothing (or furniture).



Do you have a pile of clothing that you don’t know what to do with? If it is lightly worn, your first step could be to sell it to a local consignment store. Some consignment stores, like Plato’s Closet, will buy your clothing from you. It will be for a fraction of the original cost, but hey, at this point it’s added value since you would likely have given it to a younger cousin or dumped it. You can also check out, The Association of Resale Professionals, for any local consignment stores that will purchase your items.



Do you have any vintage pieces that are making your house look more like a museum than anything else? Whether it’s vintage dresses or an old typewriter, vintage shops can give you a great idea about how much something is worth by visiting your local antique shop. You can then decide whether to sell it to them or sell it on e-bay. Look for your local antique shops here.


ebayEBAY (or AMAZON)

Ebay has been a real money maker for me as it allows you to sell practically anything. You can take all those old textbooks and sell it for a few bucks. Ebay and Amazon help you along the way by providing an idea of what that product is selling for. The best products to sell here are books, DVDs, CDs, VHS(!!!), electronics, old gadgets, etc.


garage sale trackerYARD SALES

Yard sales can be your biggest money makers as you literally do not have to leave your house. But in order to win as a seller you have to be very strategic. There are many websites that you can use to advertise your upcoming garage sale. A poster won’t cut it anymore. There are people out there looking for the next big buy to complete their library. Try sites like Garage Sales TrackerYard Sale Treasure Map and Gsalr when posting information about your sale.


goodwill-logoGOOD WILL and DONATIONS

If you have exhausted all selling avenues or are feeling particularly philanthropic and giving, you can donate your clothing to organizations like the Salvation Army or Good Will. It’s a great feeling to know that a suit that sat in your closet for the last three seasons is the one that is going to get a person who couldn’t otherwise afford it that career-making job! Don’t forget to keep track of those donation and claim them when filing your taxes.


Get to selling before Hoarders shows up at your door!


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