Design on a Dime – Disney Edition, Part 2

MickeyNailsOne of the simplest ways to get themed-up for any event is to take all that excitement out on your nails. And, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to cough up a ton of money to make it happen!

For my recent trip to Disney, I skipped out on the mani-pedi combo at the local nail salon and decided to get creative on a DIY Nail Design. I thought it was going to be very difficuly, but it honestly wasn’t. I did a basic two-tone nail design and replicated a Mickey pattern I found online on my ring finger.


What I Used:

- BELOW THE BELT nail polish by Essie

- FOREVER YOUNG nail polish by Essie

- LICORICE nail polish by Essie

- The pointy part of an Orange Wood Stick


In 5 Easy Steps:

1. Use your Essie BELOW THE BELT polish to paint your ring fingernail white. Paint your other nails in red using FOREVER YOUNG.

2. Paint the tip of your nails black using LICORICE by Essie. Skip the ring finger.

3. Use either a dotting tool or your nail polish brush to place a drop of black polish on your white fingernail to form the “head” of Mickey.

4. Before it dries, take your orange wood stick and use the excess paint to draw two ears on the head. Repeat until you have as many Mickeys as you want!

5. Let your nails dry for at least 30 minutes and incorporate your nails into as may pics as you can (it’s like finding hidden mickeys. the more you can do it the more awesome you are)!

Design on a Dime VS. what it could have cost:

Up to $20 – Design on a Dime (if you dont have red, black and white nail polish). It was free for me.

$25+ – Nail Salon Manicure


While the costs are pretty close to each other, a nail salon would likely charge you a premium to do a custom design (that is, if they can even do it). So, forego the cost of a hand massage, grab your three favorite colors and get to working on some funky Disney designs.

What is your favorite Disney nail design?

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