Design on a Dime – Disney Edition, Part 1

I recently took a trip to the magical land we Disney-philes call “The Magic Kingdom”. Trips to this mecca of magic are not complete without proper transformation, a la “Bibidi Bobidy Boo”, from streetwear drab to Disney fab. And that transformation is usually not achieved without spending a lot of money– and I am not referring to Disney Dollars! Mr. Mouse definitely knows what he is doing.

With Etsies and Pinterest board bursting at the seams with Disney-themed Toms (steeply priced at up to $100), I took matters into my own hands and came back with a pretty decent shoe alternative for the low price of less than $10!!!!! Here is my simple way to dress for Disney on a dime.


What I Used:

- White Canvas Shoes

- Black + Red Puffy Paint

- A fun Disney pattern (I chose Mickey ears)

- Patience and a steady hand (I don’t have much of either)


In 5 Easy Steps:

1. Break out your brand new canvas shoes and make sure they have no dust or debris on them.

2. Test out your puffy paint before beginning to paint on your design. You want to make sure all the paint is at the tip of the bottle and no air bubbles cause your puffy paint to splatter (I made this mistake once or twice).

3. Use your black puffy paint to draw, then fill-in, three circles in the shape of a Mickey ear. I got braver after a few and started doing Mickey ear outlines. Note: You can use a pencil to make sure you get the shape of the ear right. Just make sure you wait until everything is dry before trying to erase any stray pencil marks.

4. Add cool accents like a red line along the rubber sole of the shoe (a la Converse).

5. Let dry for up to 24 hours before taking them out on the town– Downtown Disney, that is!


Design on a Dime VS. what it could have cost:

$7 – Disney Design on Dime ($5 shoes, $1 puffy paint)

$111- Custom Disney Toms

I won’t pretend to say that the craftsmanship of my DOD version is as amazing as some customized Toms out there, but, being that this was my first time primping and pimping out a shoe, I am quite happy with the result. Try it out and let us know how they came out!

Do you have any other Disney DOD-styles to share? Comment below or let us know on The Sobremesa’s Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

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