Celebrate Cycling Month


May is National Cycling Month and, in an attempt to promote self-health and be as active and proactive as possible, I PURCHASED A BICYCLE!!!! Through my selection process I came to find that picking a favorite bicycle is as personal a choice as picking a diamond ring. Each person has a preferred style, brand and color. I scoured the internet for the best bike and got fairly acquainted with the best online bicycle shopping destinations. Then I found an amazing Top 10 article posted on TopTenReviews.com. Funny enough, I ended up purchasing my bike from their #1 online bike retailer pick. Here is a summary of their Top 10 list:

10. BikesDirect (5.33/10); BikesDirect features a great FAQ page and boasts customer testimonials.

9. BicycleBuys (7.9/10); Amazing clearance prices.

8. Bike.com (8.25/10); Website is easy to navigate.

7. Cambria Bicycle (8.33/10); Their Hot Deals section provides up to 75% off bikes.

6. BikeParts (9.05/10); Has great online promotions.

5. Bicycle Warehouse (9.25/10); A great place for women’s bikes, it has good selection.

4.  nashbar (9.35/10); Great deals and fun promotions.

3.  Bob’s Bicycles (9.45/10); Has a cool wish list section.

2. JensonUSA (9.65/10); Large selection of specialty bikes.

1. Performance Bicycle (9.90/10); Has great website features and a great range of prices.


What website will you be visiting for all your bicycling/ outdoor needs this summer? If you want to take a look at the bike I purchased (name still in the works) find it here: http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Product_10052_10551_1120793_-1_400323__400323

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