Rebecca Martinson: A Parody (or Two)

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In this case, I think imitation is the most direct form of mockery! Rebecca Martinson’s mellifluous voice and delightfully eloquent pearls ...

Thor 2 Trailer Released

As summer is just around the corner, trailers for all the top films are starting to roll out. So stop. It’s hammer time.    

Playoffs Pep Talk

  My hometown Miami Heat finished their first NBA Playoffs game tonight with a huge lead, beating the Milwaukee Bucks 110-87. Before they had even played Game 1 of the Playoffs, my dad, quite co...

New Star Wars Every Summer? What?

Disney and Lucasfilms told ComicCon attendees this week that after Star Wars: Episode VII fans should expect a new Star Wars film every summer starting as of 2015. To this I say, WHAT THE WHAT? I alr...

Art Walks: Miami

While the Miami Art Scene has been flooded with visitors in the Wynwood area, due partly to the success of Art Basel in December, other art districts remain largely untouched. Bird Road Art Walk is l...

Elementary’s Irene Adler

Let me put this out there: I LOVE ALL THINGS SHERLOCK. I’ve read all Sherlock stories, watched every TV show (BBC, here’s lookin’ at you) and movie there is, and still cannot get en...
finding dory

Finding Dory: Awesome Disney Sequels

Ellen DeGeneres’ long awaited wish coming true last week with Pixar announcing that “Finding Dory” will in fact be released in the Fall of 2015! Get your scuba gear (I mean, 3D glas...

Stream the Oblivion Soundtrack

Can’t wait to see Oblivion? Sorry to say, you’ll have to hold on a bit longer for the film. Here to alleviate the wait,  however, is the soundtrack! Enjoy! Don’t know about Oblivion...