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Welcome to The Sobremesa!


Our names are Chelle and Patty and we became insta-friends during the summer of ’97 when we sat next to each other in Mrs. Reid’s summer program! Not much has changed in 15 years, except maybe our hair and our height. We went from being obsessed with Hello Kitty, slambooks and Spice Girls to loving Michael Kors, In Style magazine and Spice Girls… you see? Nothing’s changed!


We both work in marketing and take inspiration from things we see every day. Whether its following our favorite DIY sites or creating million-board Pinterest accounts, we are constantly looking to entertain ourselves with the next craft project or the newest ad campaign.


After one particularly awesome night of Barre workouts and bonding, the “Girl Power” coursing through our veins told us to start a website– a website for everyone out there who loves all the things we love. So we did!


“Sobremesa” literally means “over the table”– it’s the conversation you have with friends once a meal is over, when all you have left are the interesting or hilarious things you’ve learned and are itching to share. We hope you share with us in this experience and on this website.


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  1. We went to CEA together. I am starting a two year long project to save Independent Cinema and I’d like to talk with you about it, and get your knowledge on it. I’d also love to record a podcast about stories from CEA that you can remember. Please contact me either by email or 305-978-1869

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