A Printable Guide to Seasonal Cleaning

On rainy days like today, I’m particularly reminded of the importance of seasonal cleaning. Why you ask? One word: allergies. If you have allergies, rainy days make things about 1,000 times worse. You feel like you’re dying a slow, teary-eyed, stuffy-nosed death….or at least I do.

What does seasonal cleaning have to do with allergies? Pretty much everything! Dust mites, pollen, spores, dander, and bacteria are commonly found in your home and are not your friend. Changing your filter, flipping your mattress, and a slew of other cleaning tips that we often forget will greatly help improve your allergies and foster a cleaner home environment.

If you’re like me and forget all the things that should be done in each room, check out the great printable from Studio5 below!


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