A Decade in Candy: Best 90s Snacks

Looking for an old picture of Chelle and me to add in the About Us section of The Sobremesa, I couldn’t help taking a stroll down memory lane. Growing up in the 90′s really was a unique experience. I mean, in what world does a boy with a pizza for a face and a girl cross dressing as an old man translate into quality television? In the 90′s- that’s where! Any time I talk about the 90′s, I start thinking about the best things about that decade. This conversation centered around the topic of food, namely the deliciously unhealthy snacks (and some of their equally delectable ad campaigns) that comprised the 90′s!


Strap on a pair of Jellies and grab a refreshing Tang as you flip through a decade of mouth-watering snacks. What are YOUR favorite treats from the 80′s, 90′s and today?

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