5 Uses for Plastic Bags

plastic bag

After a large trip to the grocery store, are you left with a plethora of plastic bags that you don’t know where to store? Are you one shopping trip away from becoming a bag lady due to the amount of plastic bags that you don’t know what to do with? Does that plastic bag spillover beneath your sink rival the 2010 BP oil spill?

If these are questions you often worry about, worry no more. While the quickest solution to this would be to use recyclable bags, this writer understands one’s propensity to forget your cloth bags at the exact moment you need them. So, here are a 5 unique ways you can recycle that mountain of bags and use them for your tasks around the house.

1. Protector of Jeans – Sounds like a super hero, doesn’t it? Well paper bags pretty much save your life (or that of your jeans) when doing work outside, in the garden, in the dirt. Just wrap a plastic grocery bag around each knee and get to working. The bag will keep away the dirt and grime.

2. Perfect Packing Material – Why buy those annoying packing peanuts that stick over your body and fall everywhere but inside the box only to be found eight months later? Sorry, I am traumatized. Take a few plastic bags, and use them as stuffing. All the gain with none of the static-y pain.

3. Anti-Dust - In the closet, plastic bags are like the secret service for your clothing. They don’t let any particles get on them. All you need to do is flip a plastic grocery bag upside down. Cut off the arms and cut a hole in the top where a hanger can fit. Voila!

4. Paint Can Covers – Finished with a painting project? Worried that the paint on the lid is going to dry out, fall into the can and make it clumpy? Worry no more. Just place a plastic grocery bag between the lid and the can and you will have none of those dry-chip-clump issues!

5. Protect against the dreaded nematode - If you have a serious problem with nematodes or other underground critters getting into your garden and eating your plants, consider using plastic bags when you build your raised bed planter. Line the bottom of the planter before you fill it with potting soil and no critter will dare cross that plastic line.


What unique things will YOU do with those plastic bags piling under your sink?

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